I decided this year that I am going to make my home feel like a live animated avatar. Gosh that’s a great idea when you think about it. So fun with all the bright colors and clean lines. I ran to Target and picked up some brightly colored curtains by Eclipse, which block sun and weather, so that the 120• Arkansas weather would not make me feel like I was dieing in this 100 year old house.

I had originally picked up some subtle green and beige colors. I was really glad that I had gotten the wrong sizes when I put them up since I felt like I was in a morgue when I looked in the mirror while standing near them.

“Hmmm… Well, it’s time for some sunshine in this house.” My mother, the fabulous faux finisher who passed away in 2002, whispered in my ear. I smiled.

I ran back to Target and picked up some bright yellow and green curtains from the children’s section and promptly placed them in my windows. The yellow in my living room area and in my son’s room got green, his current favorite color thanks to behavioral training system in kindergarten. My goodness, this really inspired some great things in my head. I realized that it’s time for the house to get some lovin’ from mama.

Now I’m on a kick to create the house I’ve always known it could be. This… is going to be so much fun!