Considering we so often have to relish the moments in which we get to sit and relax, taking those moments is essential to our well being. I so enjoy the fast paced life of working towards my next goals, guiding my amazing son towards academic leadership, strengthening my muscles and leading classes for mommies in fitness classes.

Taking that chill-laxing moment and actually allow the Divine to repair and heal and strengthen is large part of the balance of enjoying all that we micro-gods have the pleasure of creating.

A dear friend of mine was once moving into a new home and her mother drove about three hours to help. These women pride themselves in their God-given beauty by showcasing it so I was rather taken when her mom climbed out of the car and said, “Before we get started on anything, I need a beer and a cigarette.” I have caught myself laughing about that more than once. Whenever some of my friends and I get together now, we say, I just need a beer and a cigarette.

I don’t drink very often and tried smoking at age 18 for a week so what I get out of her words is
…it’s time to regather my thoughts and take a break before moving on to the next thing.

Meditation with calming music and a focus on doing the dishes can become a break. I know, who the heavenly days could think that dishes could be a break… it’s all what we make of it. šŸ˜‰ I bought the wonderful music to meditate with by Bill Harris, it’s creator, has brought something to the world of the law of attraction which has enhanced my life to a level of complete manifestation of all my dreams.

He has very specific instructions which are a well thought out plan of execution for especially for those just starting to meditate. Like I said, I sometimes do my dishes to it. I bought a headset for my iPod and as a result, I can approach the little things in life with more gusto while knowing I am feeding my spiritual self. This has lead to attaining some Divinely lead results which have made me jump for joy on a regular basis.

What’s important here… Take time for self balance. You deserve the love that God is always chasing you down with.