Okay, so I am gearing myself up to go another round of HCG. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a diet supplement that I buy the holistic brands to help me get out of my fat funk.

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on turning properties like crazy because I have a whole new set of buyers and found myself grabbing my 6 years old’s snack food. At 41, you just have to avoid what the munchkins can eat they get a whole other diet allowance. SOOO…



Here I go, hypnotherapy, starting to pay attention to the fact that I have 500 calorie allowance, and make sure I keep doing my daily exercise. All that and loving being a mom.




You know it’s funny but I tend to be so much sweeter once I get through the first week of the diet pains. I am already seeing myself having the same waistline I had when I was 14… 25 inches. Yepperoni!             Excuse me  …Sweetheart will get the phone, I’m blogging! (In the distance… Hello, yes ma’am,… Mommeeeee… It’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit on the phone again… She says that you HAVE to give them an answer about being on their next cover… Okay, tell her that I will call them back in 10 minutes. Thank you honey!)

Pardon the interruption, SO anywho, I will be posting the joys of becoming a supermodel. All this just to look good for Santa Claus! It’s worth it though. He always brings me such wonderful goodies at Christmas for being such a good girl. 😉