I’m over it! Yeppers, the girl in me has had enough. I have so many things that my family gave me which are worth something. It’s time to purge. I have been working with lots of angst over the last few years to clear out things from my precious little home. Many things (and their have been people too) have been slowing me down.

Over the last few years, it seemed like I have been trying to please everyone but myself. You know what it got me a lot of mess in my house and a big fat mess in my head. I am over it!

In my spare time, I love to enjoy the atmosphere of my friend’s homes which have had interior designers work on their spaces. In addition, I sometimes watch shows and read magazines about beautiful surroundings. I can wholeheartedly say that some of my best inspirations have come from reading blogs by interior designers and decorators.

One of my favs is Tobi Fairley. She is local to Arkansas but international in her clientele. It shows on her blogs. Modern, fun and elegant. Especially inspiring is the organized, clean, spacious environments she creates in the rooms she showcases on her blog.



Personally, my sweet generous family left me some of the most beautiful family heirlooms I’ve ever seen. In those gorgeous little antiques, I have fond memories of being loved and respected by those who were once here in body. The downside is, most of them need some kind of updating or repair. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

It’s has been hard to love so many things that need so much work. How many times I’ve rearranged my home to try to make them seem a bit more… updated. Now I’m going to forge through them and move on the rest to those who like bits and pieces of antiques and give facelifts to those pieces which I am ready to change.

I’ve got to tell ya’… some of you would sooner “die” than paint an antique. I learned from my mother’s work as a faux finisher that you’ve got to love it or change it to be what you love or, simply, let it go.