Twenty years ago, when I first moved as an adult to the South, I knew I would long for some of my favorite flavors of Los Angeles. My first day back in the city we went straight to one of my top 5 favs. Gladstones. I quite enjoyed sitting on the renovated deck outside while we snacked on our dishes, I drank a glass of lovely wine and we enjoyed the sights and sounds of the waters lightly crashing against the beach.

Today I took my son to another of my favorites. They shorted the name from “Bagel Nosh” to “The Nosh”. That’s not all they changed. The portions… albeit 20 years ago, were HUGE. Always had some to take home and enjoy later. Today, not so much. Since I’m having to act like a newbie in my childhood home, I carefully approach situations with all senses sharp, trying not to appear “too touristy”.

We ordered from the counter, asked to be able to eat in. They kindly offered to bring it to us. I was grateful, needless to say. 😉

There was a waiter who was swamped and it showed. Running by yelling hello to us, he later came by to see if we wanted to order. I told him we had, then he looked up and saw part of the order and served it immediately.

Okay, so here’s where I was disappointed… For a meal that was essentially $35 for breakfast, I got jipped. The portion was the right size to enjoy in the restaurant especially if you want to avoid to go boxes. They have clearly set up a system to get just enough food out quickly to please the masses. I must say that the bagel itself was as divine as I remember it and the lox were better than I’d had in decades. Meal saved… But

My son’s french toast came out and as wonderful as the batter they’d soaked the bread in was, the outside was slightly burned and the inside was not cooked enough for my liking.

I will probably find another favorite bagel spot but until then, I can promise I won’t go out of my way to park in BH again for “The Nosh”.