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Blessed: I’m extremely fortunate. I have a boy in 1st grade who loves everybody. He adores small children and loves to show them how to play in the sand, swing in the swings and anything else their parents will let him do.

Challenge: He has a tendency to not like to read. At least not to me.

Today I took Bear to the library and I had an opportunity to watch him enjoy reading for the first time. While he was sitting in the library, these two little sisters came in, he took to them like he always does.

Answered Prayer: This time was special. He sat down between them on one of the little couches and read to them…. And ENJOYED it!!!

Thank God and all his angels for getting us here!!!!



I tried theĀ  eastern coast of South Carolina and while I was there, I constantly longed for my little ole home town of Los Angeles, CA. Well, I’m back now. I am so relieved to be in the town that inspired me to greatness for the last several years.

Coming back after such a long time away, things have changed. Thank God! I mean I absolutely LOVED the city I grew up in but if this wonderful, inspirational city hadn’t changed… well I would have been greatly disappointed.

I’m really having a ball driving around street names I know while sight seeing at the same time. Admittedly, I got a ticket for simply holding my cell phone while driving on the first sunny day and yet the 3rd day of my arrival. Kind of funny when the motorcycle-policeman said… The cell phones are only to be used as paperweights at the bottom of your purse at best while you are in your car. Wow… seriously!

Funny too that I have been tailed every chance that a “black and white” gets when they see my out of state plates. Hmm… target the newbies.

Anyway, despite helping the economy of the police department, we are loving the weather, the international melting pot and giggling. My first grader is shocked to see mommy laughing so much. Yes, I’m finally home.

Although I have lived in San Fransisco I must say that this is where my heart is.



I’ve been shopping like crazy lately for our new home but while taking a break the other day at the park, I couldn’t handle the cold weather on my ears.

In our precious new neighborhood there are some great shops. Found some earrings, a ring and this precious head wrap. Much needed and loving the knitwear.

Now that I live closer to my multi-talented sister-in-law, perhaps she’ll teach me to knit something like this.

Until then, I’ll be a regular at Bijuju. Love!