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Seriously! Walk away! There is nothing here for me to look at… I know, I know… Here goes the affirmations…

Taking a moment to appreciate a beautiful thing… my future tight booty! All that fat melting away…

Organics: Focus on the glorious organic fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. The organic beef waiting to be made with love. (Yes, right now I’m a meat eater. Although I tend towards fish most of the time.)


There’s something yummy and ready for the juicer! Mmmm… now I can see my future clearly! It’s full of healthy, tight skin and lean long lovely arms and legs. 🙂  I’m going to have to make another trip to Kroger’s organic veggie department and then to Whole Foods to fill in the gaps, after this prep. Thank you Victoria’s Secret for the inspiration (and the bras and panties).

Planning out the week really does help. Talking through the “pffts” helps too! xxoo

Just woke up from a dream with people dieing from and one died because of the chemicals in food. In my dream it was specific to chocolate flavoring but I knew there is something the angels are telling me about… all chemicals in food, including sugars and fake sugars will hurt us.

This was not a gross dream, just sad. But I didn’t wake up crying, I woke up needing to look up some things about food. While I was married, my ex-husband read a book about chemicals in our foods. Apparently there is a plant in New Jersey where many of the flavors we eat everyday are produced and created. Tests were run on these flavorings and, of course, cause problems like cancer in our systems.

I recently also heard a report about sugar replacements or sugar substitutes. That they are a cause of Alzheimer. I started thinking about my grandmother. She had a form of it, which was hard to watch, and she had lots of fake sugars that I remember in addition to having consumed plenty of other sugars as well.

So, I looked into it via Google… Found more than I’ll ever be able to read. Specifically about what sugar does to cause problems with the brain.While looking into this, I came across this article by Dr. Robert F. DeMaria, who points out some things which are clear about where many of us stand with food. He says to

“minimize the following items: sugar, trans fat and dairy products. I have discovered there are many leading causes of Alzheimer’s—poor digestion, stress, poor fat choices, a stressful life and toxic diet. I know that seems like a lot, but I have noticed there is no one pattern except for sugar. Sugar confounds the body and fatigues the adrenal glands.”

Here’s a link to the article…

First hand, I can tell you that when I go on a comfort or fun food spree, I tend to forget and rapidly get reminded that those foods are toxic to me when my joints start hurting and I can barely walk or multiple other health issues.

I have been planning to go on my tremendously restrictive HCG diet again to lose weight but this time, I have taken mental note of some things. I have noticed that when I’ve done this in the past that I have had to work myself up for it by eating less and more focused healthy foods.

As I start my plunge, I already start feeling better. Healthier. It’s because I am! So here I go, I am in the early planning stages of the healthy pre-diet plunge. I know that I will now come out of this diet with a plan as well. I am taking on the responsibility of cleaning up my diet on the other side of it.

God love my son, there will hardly be any sugar and junk around the house for a while. Now I have to talk to him to keep him from sneaking it at friends houses and find a good hypnotherapy script for myself to overcome desiring sweets.