Many a time I have used a modern girdle to pull it all in. When I was at my heaviest, I befriended an adorable girl who had a lingerie store. She got me into everything we could since my belly wasn’t beautiful yet. I was living in my premeditated focus that I was cute. She helped me regain my mental fabulous back by guiding me to lingerie that would help me recover my BC (before child) body.

I had tank tops in nude and black, actual boned girdles, special panties meant for torture… my self esteem was getting a fabulous lift. Wearing those things helped me remember that I was to walk around like I already have the wonderful body. Thanks to my BFF, Anna, I was walking around with a shrinking belly and a wonderful new friend.

Reading some mommy blogs, this one being with Brooke Burk, I noticed her ad next to the blog. It mentions the girdle she’s selling. The Baboosh. Looks like a winner to me. To be able to get up, put on a garment that helps remind me to suck it in and do some ab work, I’m all over it. And as much as it’s going to get worn, it’s worth $56. My guess is that if Brooke is putting it out, it’s a good product.

Do you have anything to lift your self-esteem until your natural girdle kicks in from all the crunches you are doing? Give this a try. It helps.