I have heard many times that people want more to be right than to be happy. As we all know, how we feel is a choice. We want to have peace and joy in our lives and sometimes that requires letting go of being “right”. Guess what… That’s when our lives become “right”.

We live by example with the love we share. Yes, I have done many things in my life that I wish hadn’t happened. I pray constantly and when thoughts of past failings come into my mind, I see myself as taking a deep breath and remember that the past is behind us and no longer defines us. Where we are living now and what we do for those around us right now is defining us in every moment.

I have loved, I have hurt others, I have disappointed people I love dearly. Most of them are gone from this earth and are floating around the heavens forgiving us. Why can we take something we did and dwell? We can turn it around… Did you know that? You don’t even have to see the person. They don’t have to be right about who you are now. Their thoughts can be right about who you were but you can now fly to who you are. Pray for their forgiveness. This next thing though is even more strong… Forgive yourself! Now, send them light and love.

There are things I did like 20 years ago that I wish hadn’t happened and have popped up in my head now that I have my life going where I’ve always wanted it to go. The dark energies of the world do try to kick in and take over but you must allow yourself the opportunity to create the Divinely guided existence which your soul is leading you towards.

There are some things I’ve noticed about people we keep around us. They reflect who we really are. Here a fact about crabs… you know the deliciously buttered crustaceans we all love to eat after slamming with a mallet on newspaper. When the fishermen are out and about catching the crabs and pull one of their traps up from the water, they first look to see if they have just one. One is no good to them (if you’ve heard this before then just hang in there… 🙂 They throw the cage back into the water. If they get a couple of them, they can pull out the trap. Did you know that one crab will crawl out of the trap and get away BUT if there is more than one crab in the cage then they will pull each other back into the trap!

When I first heard about the crabs, the story was told to explain that people will pull you down to their level even if it means that we are all going to die! They want to be right and they want you to be a part of their righteousness.

Find your own path, plow your own field, create your own story. The people who will want to jump up and down and get so giddy with joy for you will show up. When you do your best, people will notice. Take that in for a moment and allow yourself to let go of those who want you to fail and will pull you back into the caged trap. The rest of them.. take that deep breath and send them that light, love and forgiveness which is healing your life and creating strength, love, peace, power and joy for all.