My son is always snatching my MacBook Pro, HP Computer, iPhone, iPad and did I mention my iPhone. We have gotten to the point of filling up my devices with educational apps for him plus the rewarding fun games.

I have always enjoyed LeapFrog for him. It’s fun, convenient and, of course, educational. I am so drawn to the new LeapPad for only $99 which is going to be coming out TOMORROW.

We literally have a virtual library of products including Tag Reader, Leapster, and Leapster Explorer. This will round out the gadget heaven for my 6 year old who is always getting me in on his video games (‘cuz I luv ’em 2).

Like the iPad, the video camera, for my future OscarĀ® winning director son, the still camera, the touchpad, loads of apps, and completely themed for our children, this is one electronic device I am excited about when we have it full time!