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There is something so classic and beautiful about the right purse. People really do take a look at what you carry. It defines your level of social living. It creates a mental image of what people think of where you are financially.

The fun part is it gives you a gorgeous accessory to carry your necessities in. As a lady of means, one can appreciate what carrying around the classic Kelly bag can do. Some say it’s ageless and others say that it’s middle aged. I found this gorgeous version by Jimmy Choo and just fell in love. (Since becoming a mommy, loving an accessory takes on a different meaning than BC… Before Child.)

The Perfect Handbag

The Modern Kelly

Softer Kelly bag of today

What a relief to have something so very pretty and useful too! The lovely little things that make our day… aaah Jimmy Choo.


While writing this, I start thinking about all the wonderful things I have going on. I also know that I have had to work on many things within myself to get to the point to say those kinds of things out loud.

I have high standards and I am snobby but I am also humble and truly love everyone. This paradox has caused me to experiences two divorced marriages and soul searching on my part.

I was born and mostly raised in Los Angeles, California. My entire family was born and raised in Arkansas. I have lived in Arkansas since I turned 20.

My mother was, and even in death, is still a huge inspiration for me. We both have the middle name “Pollyanna”. (JK) There is always a silver lining to everything in life. I am always on the lookout for it.

While closing up the details of this last marriage, I have had the opportunity to really do some self evaluations. In that, I came across a new understanding and opportunities through angels and archangels. This has been the area of my life which has created the true 180ยบ turn around towards manifesting all my dreams.

This is my journey. I am sharing my path with you to create more love, peace, prosperity and joyful abundance in the world now.