The neighborhood we’ve moved into is this adorable very “East Coast” transformation. According to the locals, this was an abandoned US Air Force Base. The shopping is adorable and very enjoyable.
I love elegant neighborhoods and this one is right up there. It’s the closest I’ve found to a quaint old village but it’s all brand new. Image

My favorite regular thought that comes to mind… It’s where the Kennedy’s have come to The South.

Living here for the last 10 days has been quite an unexpected adjustment. There are all these sour faces and a true combination of southern accents mixed with upper east coast accents. Lots of people have moved here from the New York and Jersey areas, several from Ohio (!?!) and lots of locals.

Dialects: Everyone tends to keep their upper east coast accent who are from there but the Southerners have absorbed more of the east coast with a southern draw once in a while.

I have made many friends whom I can imagine having over for cocktails etc. but there have been a small handful of issues. Okay, I confess, I thought those from the upper east coast would be a bit more difficult (so sorry my dear elegant friends from that area… I am actually thinking of the Jersey Shore types more than you.) Guess what my darlings… It’s the women from the South who’ve been an issue. How bazaar! Time for another class on being a Southern Lady cuz it is an issue here!

I can tell you that when I feel an twangs of homesickness is when I have “dealt” with these women. I will tell you that once caught herself though and did call me back to apologize profusely. I truly appreciated it.

On the other hand, to watch my remarkable son interact with new people in new circumstances has been inspiring and delightful. This young gentleman helps little bitty children while playing and can hop right in with older children and tweens. I really love watching him have the time of his life.

If you follow my posts on facebook, then you’ve seen me posting pics of the lakes near our home. There are really cool interactive outdoor park video games. Seriously. They are really neat. The swans, seagulls, and ducks hang around the people and get really fat! So fun to see such a combination of foul.

The trees are everything you can imagine on the coast. From palm trees, much like Florida and California, and Pine trees are everywhere. Everything grows here and apparently, it even snows. Haven’t seen that yet but I know Charlie will love it when it does. It doesn’t stay but for a day or so but the Seagulls huddle on the beach and there’s a ring of melted snow around them from their body heat. Smart birds.

Since my brother and his family live in North Carolina, we plan to visit regularly. I found out today that we can even go snow skiing in N. Carolina. Guess it’s time to give it a try. Thank the Lord and all His angels that there is a fitness facility on the grounds. I’ll be enjoying that starting this coming week. I plan to post some videos about the transformation so pray from my confidence since I know we can all enjoy a little motivation.

You guys, enjoy where you are. There is so much beauty around you. Look for it and hang out there. It’s good for your soul. Absorb the beauty of the outdoors which God has blessed you with. Step outside and take a few deep meditative breaths. You are surrounded by such great Glory. God and His angels are all around you.