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There are amazing gifts the world has been waiting for… Yours! Those things you dream about everyday are gifts for the world which are your Divine purpose. Just remember one thing… it’s time for you to take action. It’s time for you to take that test, run that block, smile at that person, step up to what you know you’ve been wanting to do.

You will be that much closer to bringing your joy to fill your life and family with all the love you know you’ve got! You will be that much closer to living your inner peace and giving the world the gifts you were genetically designed for….

Stop Drop and Roll towards your Divine Purpose!

I have developed an amazing new class regarding Archangels and their gifts and what they do for you! It’s so exciting and amazing to realize that God has created such amazing being who want us to live in success and joy and peace.

In the class I discuss at least 12 of the Archangels I’ve personally studied. They each have specialties although each of them can help you with all your prayers.

Join me for the four classes starting on April 25th at 11:00 PDT for an hour. Bring your lunch and your questions because I will be taking some if time allows.

Find out what the Archangels do for you.