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There are amazing gifts the world has been waiting for… Yours! Those things you dream about everyday are gifts for the world which are your Divine purpose. Just remember one thing… it’s time for you to take action. It’s time for you to take that test, run that block, smile at that person, step up to what you know you’ve been wanting to do.

You will be that much closer to bringing your joy to fill your life and family with all the love you know you’ve got! You will be that much closer to living your inner peace and giving the world the gifts you were genetically designed for….

Stop Drop and Roll towards your Divine Purpose!

There is something I use to struggle with early in my life. It is what to say and when to say it. I am not referring to the awkward social moments although that is included but I am referring to affirmations.

I always seem to have an enormous range of friends. From those who have been in great need to those who can basically ring a little bell at their bedside and have anything they desire. What is the difference? That was always my question.

It is rather simple, actually. In the Bible, we are told to claim things that aren’t as though they are. (Forgive me, I am not sure of the verse but you are welcome to help me find it.) Quite often, those who do not have anything are more caught up at looking at those who do and proclaiming what they do NOT have! This is important. They are constantly creating a cycle of poverty.

Those who have, are constantly claiming and “boasting” about what they DO have and how fortunate they are… and here’s the key… they claim things with confidence as though they are already in existence!

Rarely do the two groups sit down for a conversation at the same table and agree. Mostly because those who have and want more and believe with their words are not going to waste their time with those who are going to doubt. Why would they when they can get with their friends and enjoy talking about the abundances of the universe?

And why would those who have not, want to talk to those who do when they can get with their peers and talk trash about everyone else and proclaim their lack in the world.Image

You can want all day and night but until you begin talking with your mouth and believing with your heart that you have what you want… you won’t get them.

But those of us who do enjoy a land of plenty with milk and honey overflowing, we are going to keep on spending time with each other and proclaim all the miracles of life and enjoy them.

We are all living in a land of plenty, abundance and smothered with love. Are you going to partake in what is already available to you? I pray you do. You deserve it.



Is there a 12 step program for watching Netflix? I mean really! This is ridiculous. I get into a show and can’t stop thinking about it until I get through the whole dawg gone series!

Thank God it’s alright and not TOO taboo to do marathon tv. I mean, are we actually allowed to admit out loud that we sit around and watch one episode after another of the same people?

When I was growing up, we had the tv on all the time. I mean it might as well have been a member of the family or a pet. Gives new meaning to the bunny ears & tv. Anywho, I would walk around the house doing housework and it kept us company. Sometimes I would actually sit and watch a show that wasn’t, perhaps, meant for the brightest bulbs but nonetheless, it was watched.

Now I click on the computer. I might even be watching something right now while typing! Alas, I’m not this time because I just finished a series. This one was really enjoyable because I got to travel all over the globe right before falling asleep or when I’d wake from another adult insomniatic (I just made that word up) moment.

Click… on goes Netflix! and on comes “Destination Truth” with Joshua Gates. And here goes another crush on another hunky manly man who is strong enough to fight the elements, save his friends lives from flesh eating monsters and flirt with his adorable female counterparts. All in a nights work for Josh.

ImageOkay, the female in me get pretty jealous of the cuties who get to travel the world with the modern day Indiana Jones. But then I start thinking… do I really want to go out in the middle of the night and hunt for man sized bats while dodging the croc that just drop into the water on the other side of my boat? Or do I really want to travel to Antarctica? Nope. Not really. But sure do love watching this teenage novel of a show do it for me.

Anyway, I have to find a new obsession on Netflix now because I have already watched “The Guardian” with Nick Fallin and felt like I was back in high school watching the jocks flirt with me again. My goodness that was fun!



I have developed an amazing new class regarding Archangels and their gifts and what they do for you! It’s so exciting and amazing to realize that God has created such amazing being who want us to live in success and joy and peace.

In the class I discuss at least 12 of the Archangels I’ve personally studied. They each have specialties although each of them can help you with all your prayers.

Join me for the four classes starting on April 25th at 11:00 PDT for an hour. Bring your lunch and your questions because I will be taking some if time allows.

Find out what the Archangels do for you.